May 13th, 2014

Spring Tour in Denmark

8 shows are up in Denmark, starting this thursday in Lyngby, Copenhagen and Vordingborg.

We have prepared a simple, raw and beautiful set.

15/05: Templet, Lyngby tickets
16/05: DR Byen Studie 2 tickets
17/05: Stars, Vordingborg tickets
23/05: Bruunske Pakhus, Fredericia tickets
24/05: Studenterhuset, Ålborg tickets
29/05: Dexter, Odense tickets
30/05: VoxHall, Århus tickets
31/05: Studenterhuset, Esbjerg tickets

Hope to see you there! Regards, Under Byen

October 16th, 2013

Concert at Statens Museeum for Kunst

This Friday at 5 pm we will play a set in the beautifull concert stage of Statens Museeum for Kunst in Copenhagen. Admission is free.

Go here for at description at the homepage of the museeum.

Hope to see you there! Regards, Under Byen

September 25th, 2013

New Live Album and Release Concerts

The 7th of October we are releasing the new live album Protokol

The album is released on A:Larm Music. The track list is as follows:

film og omvendt
alt er tabt
ikke latteren men øjeblikket lige efter
er noget smukt glemt findes det muligvis endnu

We're releasing the album on vinyl - a limited edition of 500 - and as download. We're looking very much forward to this.

To celebrate the release, we would like to invite to three release concerts - one in Århus and two in Copenhagen.

We have picked two beautiful venues for this - Museum of Copenhagen, with a capacity of 60, and Women's Museum in Århus, with a capacity of 100.

The two concerts at the Museum of Copenhagen will take place the 3. of October at 19 and 21 o'clock.

The concert at the Women's Museum will take place the 4. of October at 20 o'clock.

For tickets, go here.

Hope to see you there! Regards, Under Byen

April 23th, 2013


We have decided to make a batch of 50 of the Under Byen Butterfly Poster available for sale.

The poster was originally made for our concert at the Danish Radio Concert Hall in Nov 2010. And so it says at the bottom, right after the lyrics of the song 'Alt er Tabt' - 'Under Byen, DR Koncertsalen, lørdag den 27. november, 2010.'

The beautiful poster, which is a 300 limited edition, was made by Emil Madsen Brandt. Every copy is signed by him.

The poster measures 60 x 40 cm, has a slightly shiny surface and is printed on heavy paper. The printing was done by Eks-skolens Trykkeri.

At this time, we will ship only two times - 1st of May and 15th of May, so don't hesitate to order. The price is 15 € plus postage.

Please write underbyenkontakt (at) and await your paypal invoice. Thanks, Under Byen

November 15th, 2012

Concert in Moscow
We will be playing the Scandinavian Wave Fesival in Moscow the 1st of December. We're looking forward to coming back to Moscow, hope to see you there. The venue is Artplay. Among others we will play alongside Múm, Blue Foundation and Einar Stray.

October 10th, 2012

Concert in Amiens
This Saturday (13th of October), we're playing in the city of Amiens, France, as a part of the Nuit Blanche Amiens 2012. We're playing at Carré de la République. We're playing with a few other acts. Hope to see you there. Under Byen

August 24th, 2012

Concert in Copenhagen
This Saturday we're playing a concert in support of Børnecancerfonden - a foundation that raises money for children with cancer. The concert will take place at Beta in Copenhagen. The danish band Girls In Airports will play too. Hope to see you there.

Under Byen

September 27th, 2011

Concerts in Copenhagen
New concerts have been added to the concert list: We are going to play three nights in a row at the theater Grob in Nørrebro, Copenhagen this November.

Under Byen

November 25th, 2010

Concert catalogue
Take a look at our brand new concert catalogue here. Contributers are Ralf Christensen, Torben Sangild and Asger Schnack.

We now have only two shows left of our danish Alt Er Tabt tour. Friday we will be playing in Århus and saturday in Copenhagen. We hope to see you there.

Under Byen

May 14th, 2010

Concerts and cover version After playing five Danish shows, which we were very happy about, we are proud to announce another one: on November 27th we are to play in the beautiful Danish Radio Concert Hall.

read more here (in danish)

for tickets go here

We are looking very much forward to this.

Sort Vinter is the name of a song originally made and played by CV Jørgensen, the legendary Danish singer. We have made a cover version of this amazing song, and it was recently released along with 11 other new interpretations. The album is called "12 bud på CV"

here's a link (Itunes)

Under Byen

January 30th, 2010

New record out soon Our new album 'Alt er Tabt' is soon to be released.

Under Byen

August 23th, 2009

Belgian tour this fall We are for the first time in ages heading for a small tour. This fall we are going to Belgium to play five concerts. We are recording thease days and are finishing up our next album. More about this soon.
The dates are as following:


Cultuurcentrum, MECHELEN, BE



Cultuurcentrum, HASSELT, BE

Under Byen

February 10th, 2009

New Music We have spend the last two weeks in our temporarily estblished recording studio with technician and music mind Per Buhl. We have recorded several new tracks which are ment for a new album. We are working hard - new music is happening.

A few months ago, we recorded a version of "Du er min ¿jesten" - an old danish schlager which was made for director Manyar I Parwani's recently released movie
"Himlen Falder". The song can be bourght at Zentropas' or listened to at our myspace.

Under Byen

August 5th, 2008

Live We now have some European shows lined up. We will add a few more Swedish dates but this is pretty much the touring that we'll be doing in a while. We have to make an album as well.

Yours. Under Byen

April 17th, 2008

Live Three concerts have been added. Two in Denmark and one in Sweden. Go to the concerts page to find out where.

Under Byen

February 19th, 2008

New live-EP: Siamesisk

Finally we are back online.
This monday our new live-EP Siamesisk was released in Denmark. Go here to view the section that was made for it and here to listen (myspace).

Under Byen

August 29th, 2007

Unofficial opening of Ã…rhus Festuge and KEXP vol. 3

Thursday the 30th - that will be a few days from now - we are playing a special concert in Ã…rhus. The reason is the unofficial opening of Ã…rhus Festuge - this evening is called for Gud og hvermand .The Broken Beats is playing too...
Anyway, this concert will be quite uniqe. We have invited five male singers. Each of them will sing a few songs in duet with Henriette. We have been gifted with the appearances of Michael Møller, Christian Hjelm, Jacob Bellens, Steffen Brandt and Poul Dissing.
The concert will take place in the beautiful city hall of Ã…rhus. Hope to see you there. More info here and tickets here.
The lovely radio station KEXP from Seattle, we have been playing live in a few times, are releasing their Live at KEXP vol. 3. Under Byens' "Den her sang handler om at få det bedste ud af det" in live version from the KEXP studio is on it among artist as the Shins, Peter Bjorn and John, Grizzly Bear and Billy Brag.
Go here for more info on this one.

See you soon - Under Byen

July 31th, 2007

Danish fall tour in september

It has been a while since we have played concerts in Denmark, and now it's time to let the foreign countries rest. Insted we are playing six evenings this fall differend places in Denmark. Go to the concert page to see where.
First, though, we are heading to one of our favorite festivals - Haldern Pop in Germany.

enjoy the summer!

May 23th, 2007

Heading for the US once again

New tour dates for the forthcoming tour are uploaded. This time we are opening for The Album Leaf. The tour includes 8 concerts with The Album Leaf on the west coast and a single one on our own in New York.

We hope to see you there!


April 18th, 2007

Under Byen orchestrated

In one week, april 28th, we are going to play with Radiounderholdningsorkestret - The Danish Radio Concert Orchestra.
Some of our songs have been rearranged for orchestra and band, and we will perform with this highly estimated orchestra in the legendary Radiohusets Koncertsal.
It will be the last concert in this beautiful old hall in the usual circumstances, and will be broadcasted live by the national radio.

We are truly very exited about this evening.

Go here for tickets and here for the official info.


January 24th, 2007

North American tour

In one month we are heading west again. This time for quite a few more concerts - 16 gigs that is. The list is in the "concerts" section.
Hope to see you there!

Remeber to visit this site if you want extended info!


December 6th, 2006

so we're done touring for this time

Hi everybody,
We are now back from touring. Its been a great tour, but now we look foreward to finally get to sleep in our own beds for a bit. We are going to stay home over the winter to look at new songs and to practice for the spring tour. Oh yes, a US tour in march is already in the making.. We can´t wait!

Thanks to those who came to the concerts and thanks to our new friends wendy mcniell & crew for playing with us on the denmark shows. You were wonderfull.

Best wishes to everyone we´ve met on the way. We hope to see you soon,


September 17th, 2006

Fall tour. Only a few weeks from now, we will begin a big tour. We will be visiting Canada, USA, Germany, France, Holland, Belgium, Austria and Denmark. The full list is to be found under "concerts".
We will be playing gigs with Giant Sand, Joanna Newsom, I Love You But Ive Chosen Darkness and Nouvelle Vague.
Due to a baby being born, Anders will fill in for Sara, playing the live bass part during the shows.

August 4th, 2006

Samme Stof Som Stof will be released in North America on September 28th by the Toronto based label Paper Bag who was the label behind Broken Social Scene and Stars.

In Germany the label releasing the album will be Play It Again Sam , also known as PIAS. The release date will be early October.

We will do a full European tour in the fall, including 11 Danish shows. Dates and places will soon be available on this site.

June 26th, 2006

Some photos from our last concert at Hultsfred festival, Sweden. A sunny ride in the woods of Sweden. Kind of a short show, but we had a good time on the stage "Store Dans" (big dance!).
On saturday we'll be playing the Roskilde festival. We're scheduled to play the stage "Odeon" saturday at 23:00. Hope to see you there.
A few gigs are added to "concerts", among others we have a special job on the boat from Copenhagen to Oslo and back again the next day too.

A few months ago we joined this big new thing; myspace. Nothing differend from this site, really, but if you're interested, take a look.

Enjoy the summer!

May 4th, 2006

hi everyone. We just returned from France. We played the womens festival Les Femmes S'en Melent. 6 wonderfull jobs that is. Everyone is still tipsy from the wine and all tanned from the sun. Each night we shared the stage with bands like Saint Etienne, Elysian Fields and the Organ. We truely enjoyed the tour! Also, we are gonna play the Spot festival along with a lot of other scandinavian bands.

March 29th, 2006

Tomorrow (Thursday, March 30th) at 4 pm our new video for Af Samme Stof Som Stof will have its premiere on DR1Â’s Tune in and vote for us if you think we deserve your vote.

March 29th, 2006

Hi there.

And yes, weÂ’re off with a new web page. Thank you for your patience and thank you Young for helping out with our new homepage.

This site is the official Under Byen site, meaning weÂ’ll write news ourselves, you can download some songs, see press photos, weÂ’ll read our guest book and so on.

However, if you want the full story, the strangest facts, all the live photos and a community talk with other people that like what weÂ’re doing, the place to be is still Lars DideriksenÂ’s Under Byen page.

Dig in. Under Byen.